Where is the Clock?

This may appear to be a silly question but… in all seriousness, where is the clock, in live games?

I just played a whole live game and lost on time. (10 minutes + 20 seconds, three times) Afterwards, I wondered why I had let that happen - I seldom lose on time and I wasn’t reading deeply. I realised that I hadn’t been watching the clock and, furthermore, I hadn’t even seen a clock.


@StephenM I can always see the clock in the info box, under the player names and captures. What seems to be the issue?

If you are having trouble finding it maybe also post a screenshot and we can see if we can point it out for you or determine if there is a problem.


Ah yes, you appear to be correct. I didn’t notice it because it isn’t really a clock - it’s a chaotically concatenated string that is awkward to read, quickly.

Please can we have a real clock for live games!

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The clock is fine, you are the only one who has had trouble.

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