Where is this Go-salon in Tokyo?

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In 2016 when visiting Tokyo, I was dragged to a Go-salon (I think it was in Shinjuku, but I am not sure). I have some pictures from this place, but I can't remember the name of this establishment. It was on the third floor of a large building. Can anyone Identify this Go-Salon?

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Another picture of the venue.




where have i seen this before...



Any pictures taken outside in the neighbourhood? I can’t find anything identifying the club from the pictures.

I have found a similar poster, though.

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Thank you for your reply. I have found this website by using google lens. On a picture you can see an interior which looks like the venue, but unfortunately, I can’t read any Japanese. Can someone find more information about this venue (name, address, etc)?

Burari Go Kaisho Shinjuku, Tokyo

Go Seki Shusaku is located on the 6th floor of a long and narrow building in front of Seibu Shinjuku Station. The long, narrow building in the middle is the familiar 24-hour Go club. When you get off the elevator and enter the room, there are table seats in the front and tatami seats in the back. 30 years of experience as a Go club.

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It seems to have disappeared.

The location is in front of Seibu Shinjuku station, in the image it shows as the white building in the middle, it has the symbol for Go 碁 on the top floor (yellow sign, just to the left of the McDonald’s M):


However, looking at the location currently, this whole building has been replaced:

The location would be here:

There’s no Go club being advertised on the signs, as far as I could find.


Ah, thank you very much for the information. It’s a bit disappointing that the Go-salon is not there anymore. Perhaps it moved to another place. It would be interesting to find out.

Ah, I found where they moved!

It has the same name (Go salon “Shusaku”) and is also in Shinjuku, is run by the same woman (I guess she’s called Masae or Akie, but her name is only on the earlier blog post you showed. Her daughter, Kyoko, seems to run the kitchen) and also mentioned the late Hideyuki Fujisawa as having taught at the club.

Here’s their website:



That’s awesome! Thank you very much for your effort.
I will be in Tokyo next month and now I will make plans to make visit! Can’t wait to place some stones there.

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According to the blog, it’s supposed to be run by someone called Kuwahara Aohito (桑原青人, not sure if the pronunciation is right), who is the wife of Masae, and the father of Kyoko, but I can’t find his name anywhere on the new website. The women are not named by family name either, are are instead called “mama”, as is common for female bar owners in Japan.

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Right. I am only a couple of days in Tokyo, so I will just visit and see. I hope there is someone who will play a game with me.

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