Which Board?

I am going to get a Go board for christmas but I can’t decide which one:

With Option 1 I could also get this Shogi board:

Which is the nicest one I could find on Amazon. I have been thinking about getting into Shogi.

With Option 2 I get a nicer board. My logic is that if I’m going to spend money on the board I’m going to be playing on, it may as well be a nice board, which leads me to Option 2. However, Option 1 is still a nice board, and I could get Shogi as well, but I’d be splitting my time learning two games.


People clicking the links but not saying what they think D:

I like simple, therefore the first one would be my choice even though I might wanna try to get some double convex stones but thats personal preference.
Added the ability to have a smaller board on the backside this makes a nice board.

I really like the first board so I can’t help you with your dilemna. :wink:
I would get the first board and no Shogi board and be very happy with it.

It all depends on how strong your wish to get into Shogi is, and how easy it would be to find partners for both go and Shogi I guess.

I’m biased towards go, so I’d go with the cheaper board, but not buy a shogi board along with it, but that’s just me. I’m not sure how thick boards need to be before you have to start maintaining them, but that might be something to take into account as well.

Well, I for one thought it would be better just to keep quiet than saying that both Go boards do not appeal to me (which would be of no use whatsoever to you, right?) :wink:

But since I’m here already … IMHO the table board is more versatile, i.e. you can carry it somewhere else more easily, for example to a friend’s house or a cafe, and IF this allows you to buy both boards AND IF you’re not yet sure about Shogi and Go, I’d probably go for the 1st option. But then I’d probably rather get a reversible Go board (with 13x13 on the other side).


I’m actually interested in all opinions. Mind linking a board you find nice?

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Well, perhaps first I should explain why the two boards don’t appeal to me:

The first one (dark cherry veneer) is too dark for my (old) eyes: too little contrast between board and the black stones, too much contrast between board and the white stones. The other one (rosewood) is … mh, how to put it … a little bit too “decorated” for my taste, I prefer a simpler (perhaps even simplistic) design that wouldn’t distract me from the simple grid & game (simple in the latter as in “simple rules”), all that is really complicated happens in the mind, as I see it. But that’s just m personal taste :smile:

Also, a multifunction board, i.e. one that is reversible and has a 13x13 grid on the other side, would have a special appeal to me, for example this one from Hebsacker Verlag in Germany: Go-Brett Shin Kaya, 19x19/13x13, 30mm, 69.00 €

(They have a nice selection of other boards there, you may want to check them out.)

Or for a more expensive board, if you really want to shell out that much, see GoGameGuru for this Shin Kaya Go Board 2.4’’, US$129.00

(Many other nice boards to be seen there.)