Which free browser has a good full-screen mode (ipad)

Does anyone know a good free browser that works nicely in full-screen mode with
OGS on mobile devices like an ipad?
So far I’ve only tried the Opera Touch browser and although it has a kind of
full-screen mode, it doesn’t seem to work well with OGS.
You can get websites to display full-screen by holding the stylus on a neutral area
and dragging it up to hide most of the top interface area. This seems to work on the OGS site, but when I get to an actual game, somehow it doesn’t work.

This is what it looks like on other parts of the OGS site when full-screen mode works:

But when playing a game it looks like this and I can’t seem to get the obtrusive top part of the browser to hide:

Does anyone perhaps know a browser that has a full-screen mode that works nicely on OGS or perhaps some kind of trick to get the full-screen mode in Opera Touch to work while playing a game on OGS?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Niek

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Most mobile browsers hide the bar when you scroll down. But this might not be possible in the landscape view.

Kind of hacky, but have you tried scrolling down in portrait mode until the URL bar disappears, then turning your screen back to landscape?

Another option is just to play in portrait, and use the zen-mode button to get extra screen real estate.

I know from the desktop version of Chrome (and I assume the same thing works for most other browsers) that there is a “View” setting that allows to hide the toolbar in fullscreen mode. I’m not sure if the same option is available.

I personally use Safari on my IPad, but that’s just because it’s the default. It hides the top while playing for me if I’m not clicking the top.

I couldn’t find any full-screen mode option in either Firefox or Chrome on the ipad.

It seems in Safari I have the same problem, I can get the top part of the interface of the webbrowser to hide on the OGS site (in the same way as in the Opera Touch browser), but it doesn’t work when I play a game on OGS.

It seems that as soon as you play a game on OGS, the site switches to a kind of single page-mode and then there is no lower part of the page you can scroll to that isn’t visible. So temporarily switching from landscape to portrait mode to scroll doesn’t seem to work.

Did you try scrolling in portrait mode? At least in my browser there is space to scroll because the chat and advanced options are moved to the bottom.

Anyway, I think there is another (less hacky) option. In many mobile browsers, you can “Add page to Home screen”. This will put OGS on your home screen like an app and it won’t show the URL bar while you are using it. I am sure Opera has a similar option.

Edit: Just tried in Opera, apparently the URL bar reappears when you rotate! Too bad. I think the rotation trick works in safari/Chrome/Firefox.

And then if you want to add to homescreen on iOS, try Safari. Here are instructions: https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/add-a-web-link-to-home-screen-iphone-ipad/#:~:text=Launch%20Safari%20on%20your%20‌iPhone‌,tap%20Add%20to%20Home%20Screen.

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Thanks, I’ve tried the Add to Homescreen option in Safari and that works great to hide the browser interface. I couldn’t find this option in Opera Touch, but it doesn’t matter because any browser that works nicely in full-screen mode with OGS will do.

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