Which ranking is used?

On the profile page there are 16 ratings listed. (And I largely understand what they mean, although sometimes the relationships look surprising.) Which of these is used when entering tournaments or determining which games one can accept?


The overall one :slight_smile:



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It case it isn’t already clear to anyone reading, that’s the one in the top left of our current layout :slight_smile:


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Overall is the only rank used for any calculation. The rest are all simply for reference.

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Since we are on the topic, I might as well ask this as well, as I never understand why this is the way it is.

I only play 19*19, correspondence, exclusively. So how come I got 4 different scores?

     O    Turrtle

O 1690±97 1515±100
19*19 1531±97 1487±101

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Good Question. In that same vein, my overall/overall score is the highest, which makes no sense to me for a similar reason.

While each of those scores is calculated from the same game results, they are all completely isolated pools. Overall is not an average of your other scores, it is a calculation based on the overall ranks of the players you have versed. Each of the other ranks is calculated purely by comparison with the exact same rank from each of your opponents. Having so many pools running simultaneously helps us to see a clearer picture of a player as a whole, but none of them interact with each other :slight_smile:

Hope this has cleared the issue up a bit! Let me know if anything is still unclear.

It may help to think of them in the same terms one may compare their OGS rank with their KGS, Tygem or AGA ranks… while the numbers may be similar, the pools are isolated. I understand that the analogy is slightly different since in this case the GAMES pool is the same, but in this case as with the others, the rating numbers never interact.


If I look at the groups in the Tianyuan Main Title Tournament that has just started it does not look as if the overall rating is used for that.

Do you have specific players in mind? all the ones I’ve checked seem to match and I don’t much desire to check all of them…

叫咪咪的狮子 has a rank of 3d, but started the tournament with a score of -1. The Bars are 9k-2k

Hmm. I see what you mean now. It seems a number of players stronger than 2k are playing with -1
I wonder if @anoek knows why the bars aren’t being assigned properly?
Link to the tournament: https://online-go.com/tournament/28967

Look at the group containing Player WindnWater. The entire group starts with -4 points, the ranks are vastly different: 6k to 17k.