White won by Black time out, but found the game was cancelled


My group member won the game by his opponent’s time-out, but he found that game was cancelled at the same time. He is curious about this, even the game win by time-out, he still can get a win record, right? Why that game is cancelled?

The game is here:


There is a serial timeout rule, as explained (for example) in this thread; [Resolved] Bug?, ranked game not rated

Note that the game is only annulled as far as ranking is concerened. For the tournament it still counts.

Looking at his profile, I am not so sure this player is involved in a mass timeout.

Thanks, I will let my friend know about this. I saw the link that mentioned “Because your opponent is currently having a serie of timeouts and your game was one of those. There is a timeout-protection thingy which stops your opponents rank from dropping like a stone because those timeouts, thats why the game doesn’t affect your rating.”

I guess it is due to the protection mode.

Thank you.

A series starts at n = 2. :slight_smile:

I saw his opponent had 2 games lost by time out in few days, Is that the reason why that game(the 3rd) was cancelled?

As far as I can see it the game here was the second timeout in a row. And yes, that’s why it didn’t count for ranking purposes.

I’m bit surprised of this n =2, pretty short

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Thanks for your reply. Great!