Whitespace on top of page while waiting for game pushes down the board

When I create a new game I get a page with an empty board while I wait for someone to accept my challenge. (I have my client in Swedish, hence the language in the screenshot). Every time, the board is shown similar to the attached screenshot, i.e. the bottom of the board is outside the window. However, above the board there is, in my opinion, unnecessary whitespace. It seems by that this whitespace could be removed and that would exactly bring in the board in the window. Is there any reason for this particular behaviour? I’m using Firefox 50.0.2 on OS X.

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PS. This felt like a “bug report”, but I’m not sure if those should go into “OGS development” or “Support”. DS

I can confirm

same here. I always have to scroll the page. Just a minor annoyance.

But it goes away once the game begins… What is there to scroll down for while waiting on the game to begin? Making sure there are still 19 rows?

Here’s something you can use before it gets fixed: In most browsers, if you press F11 it will remove the tabs and address bar at the top, giving a larger view of the page.

Just to clarify: This is certainly a very minor thing. Personally I don’t need any waiting screen at all. But someone apparently has gone through the trouble of making the board appear under the text “Waiting for game to start”. This means that someone thought this was a nice idea. I agree, it is, but since it is not working as intended I just wanted to point this out. It should be fairly easy to “fix” this.
The best “workaround” is just to ignore it, this is no problem in any way. I just thought that the person(s) who like the waiting screen may be interested in adjusting it to appear as intended.

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