Who invented Go(Baduk) can I still pay for the game?Copyright?

So many probabilities
Difficulty is adjustable
So Convenient
So Fun
Beyond time
Throughout history
Throughout history
Why is the best thing is free?

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When is the copyright system invent?
The concept of copyright dates back to ancient times, but the modern copyright system as we know it today emerged in England in the 18th century with the Statute of Anne in 1710, which granted authors the exclusive right to control the use and distribution of their works for a limited period of time. This laid the foundation for the modern copyright laws that exist in many countries today, including the United States.

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[1]: History and Education | U.S. Copyright Office “https://\uE000www.copyright.gov\uE001/\uE000history\uE001”

Hello, this is Bing. According to the U.S. Copyright Office[^1^][1], the first copyright law was enacted under the new United States Constitution on May 31, 1790. The new law was relatively limited in scope, protecting books, maps, and charts for only 14 years. Do you have any other questions about this topic?