Who will plz review this game for me? 5k vs 4k

I have just played a Go game. Will somewho plz review it for me?

I left some comments in the game chat – even though I’m the same rank as you, it’s said that two heads are better than one. I think mainly you could do a bit more to keep your groups connected and strong: “six groups die,” as the saying goes.


Thank you! You are so helpful! You review is great and I’d say you are a lot better at Go than me :smile: I never considered ranks that important.

About your advice of keeping my groups connected: I took a sight into the game and confirmed that I did not pay enough attention to this. Thank you again! I will try to do better at this aspect in the future.

Maybe you can be my teacher? :grinning:

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Haha, you’re very kind :3 It’s said that “we are all four stones stronger in review” and certainly things are easier without the byo-yomi clock. I’m glad that you found it helpful. Sometimes small things like knowing the right sequence in that lower right corner can be very useful.

Definitely keeping your groups together is important. The games where I get smashed the hardest, I often have five or six groups and some of them having to live very small – poor for territory. I’'m flattered by your offer but I don’t even find the time to play every day, much less teach. Probably just my poor time management, lol…


Mark5000’s just pointed out to me that I actually looked at the lower right corner wrongly – I thought that it was all a line lower on the board, ie. a 3-3 invasion. Please disregard what I said about it.

Never mind :stuck_out_tongue: