Whole site changelog maintained in the forum

I would really apppreciate it.

How could we encourage OGS contributors to report the new features, bugs correction and improvements here so that helping and debating would become much more easier?

Many times new features are just discovered by the users and then the nice people who did it comes and aknowledge that, yes i did that… It has its charm in itself but i don’t think this is efficient communication.

There are many issues happening here and there and no reference page to go check if something was solved or not. Github is not that user friendly for me at least, hard to find an answer there and I really would prefer a pinned topic here tell me things like now no time setting is no more a 60 days setting, i worked on that, or i worked on the last second byo yomi so that less players will time out or…
Instead till now i need search between the topics, how i didn’t miss an update and that my query is well designed.
Many times topics feel to be overcrowded by lack of knowledge of the recent situation regarding updates. I’ll be the first to report them if only i would know where to find them easely.


I’m not sure how to ask this without sounding rude, but it’s an honest question:

Is there anything stopping you from doing it?

If it’s just that you’re not clear to see what were the actual changes that went in, this is easy to explain.

I remember someone else was doing it for a while, but I imagine they tired of the task…


No it’s not rude and i hope to not be rude too in my request. I just feel a bit sad that programers don’t feel the importance to come and share to users their wonderful works here on the forum.

Well I think it will work if the programers do it by themselves.
Seems to me the easiest way, as they know what they are doing, what are the changes… Like what you are doing at least with the list you put at the top of the rengo status thread (thanks)

Someone external of the process can just copy the information if he has the chance to see it in another topic and then it’s a bit wasted time as the programer could just publish it directly in the changelog.

Github is recently no more accessible to me, sorry, but anyway before that i founded it was not very convenient when i tried it. A bit of a mess, not clear at all for a not technician.
I am not alone,on this

from @Kosh in the next thread below:
Github really isn’t designed for non-coders.

Any link? That’s interesting

Edit: found it ! (I think) But closed


Yeah I guess @benjito became busy with actually doing dev work.

Developers are notorious for not being inclined to do paperwork :slight_smile:

(That thread became auto-closed after no updates for 3 months)


Not anymore. (Thanks yebellz)


I don’t mind looking at doing that again. (The reason I stopped was to take a break from the forums). Writing a changelog does take time, to be sure, but I think the original post was well received so you’re not alone in wanting that.

The only other thought I have… there’s nothing wrong with not knowing what’s implemented yet :slight_smile: I assume even with a Changelog, many ppl will not read it and report bugs/features anyway. That’s okay IMO, someone else can just tell them what the current state of things is


That will help helpers, it’s great move. Many thanks.