Why are the labels on the goban not completely clearing a circle around them?

I’ve just now realized that labels on the goban component actually do alter the color/opacity in a circular shape around them, it’s just not completely done, I guess:


Why is that so? I think it would look so much cleaner to have the lines behind the labels cleared up, something like this:


I suppose maybe this is difficult because the goban is only on a single <canvas> layer? I’ve been working on a goban web components prototype lately, and I think it’s much more flexible to do things with many layers.

And shape labels do override numbers and letters when you manually set the numbers, but they don’t when the numbers come from the automatic numbering from variations:


Was that really what was intended? I don’t think it looks good, quite frankly.

Anyways, I would like to contribute to the OGS project at some point, maybe helping fix this (if the developers think it isn’t intended, I guess) could be a start. If anyone would be so kind as to give me some pointers for where to even start…


I can’t give specifics since I haven’t really touched board rendering, but I think these are the files you would want to look at: