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I reviewed the attached game with Leela 11 and it said that on move 13, I should have played at E8 instead of where I played (D8). Can someone explain to me why E8 is better?

I’m also open to any other comments about my play you care to share.

I will be wildly guessing here, because I cannot claim to understand what Leela is thinking :D, but I assume (since she can count really well) she knows that black has enough points to win even with this little loss, while she might be worried about the aji of the white G7 stone which would be under more pressure if black played closer like E8.

remember that AIs prioritize certainity of the win to the margin. Meaning they are happy to have 80% chance of winning for 0,5 points rather than 75% with 10 points.

just a thought…


I think too that the reason is the stone at G7.
If you play E8 on Leela, white’s following is H7, trying to use that stone.
After your move also Leela would try to use that stone as white.

So probably E8 is the best compromise between building a border on the left and attacking G7 on the right.

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W does have decent aji to reduce b’s bottom right, but I doubt E8 does much to counter that.