Why can’t I see the record of my annulled game?


A correspondence game of mine just got annulled, I think it was because my opponent timed out. I am puzzled about this because I’ve seen that often when someone times out it is recorded as a win for their opponent. In this case though the game has just disappeared and I can’t see any record of it.

Could anyone explain what might have happened, and why?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it this game?

When someone times out several correspondence games in a row, only the first one counts as a loss, and the subsequent ones are annulled.


Ah yes that was it. Thanks.

How did you find it, by the way? I couldn’t see it listed anywhere

It’s in your game history. You need to select “unranked” (or unselect both “ranked” and “unranked”).


Huh that’s weird, it’s not showing up for me. Oh well, it’s not important. Thanks for your help

Are you sure you played a bit clicking/unclicking the different buttons at the top of your games history (ranked unranked 9 13 19)? You can select more as one, and if you select unranked and 13 but you never played unranked 13x13 then your list will stay empty…

No shame, happened to me :joy:

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BTW, it wasn’t clear to me at first how to even find my game history! The “home” button shows you your active games, but not your old games. The notifications drop down (bell) tells you about games that start and end, but then those games don’t show up anymore.

To find your game history, you need to click your own name in the top bar. This takes you to your profile. It shows you your active games, like Home, and then below that is the Game History whose filters @Groin has been explaining how to configure.

(Just in case you hadn’t found it…)


Thanks both. Yeah I hadn’t realised I could deselect both ranked and unranked - it didn’t show up in either of them but when i re-read the first response I realised that with a bit of further clicking there was a third option. Very educational :laughing:


More precisely to click your name in the popup that you get by clicking on your avatar pic in the top bar or on your name everywhere else. (Click 2 times, 1 to get the popup, 1 more time in the popup on your name)

I always found that way a bit unintuitive, like hidden. But after you use it, convenient as your name is like everywhere.

There is another direct access, by the OGS menu. This link is at the very bottom of the list so one may miss it too…

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