Why cannot we create more than 2 groups?

I’ve seen previous threads in the comment where the question is technical: “how to” create more than 2 groups / get around the limitation. My question is: why do we have that limitation? What are groups meant to do?

I’ve been hit by this restriction right now. I had no idea that we cannot create more than two groups. I am directing an online tournament tomorrow. We have 4 diferent recurring tournaments in Argentina, each for a different category range, so I wanted to make a group for each (like, a group holding all the OGS match links for all editions of the beginner tournament, another group holding all the editions of the intermediate tournament, another for advanced and another for dan level). We make our tournaments using opengotha on our side, but then play all games in OGS and use the very nice “tournament records” feature to group together all the games from the tournament, specially for spectators within our association.

I could instead create a single group having the kifus for all the 4 kind of tournaments… but that seems much less organized, specially if the “kind of tournaments” grow from 4 to more, then all game records from all kind of tournaments would be mixed, and players too. How should I be using groups if this is not the intended use? And what should I use instead? The limitation of 2 groups maximum seems artificial: what problem does it solve / how does it help?

For the tomorrow tournament, I guess I’ll either just reuse or ask someone else to create the group, but I want to open the discussion and see if many people think that the limit should simply be increased, as there have been questions about it before.


As an example this is one of the groups: Torneo Tesuji

In “tournament records”, it is easy for spectators to see all editions (currently only one has been held and properly saved in OGS) of the tournament, and inside see each match of each round, neatly organized. It also makes it easy for the players to send challenges to other players in the tournament, as all the players in the tournament join the group itself as well as the tournament directors.