Why can't I accept challenge?

I’m currently 9k. There’s 10k player with open challenge. I try to accept it and it says “your rank is too high”. On the graph I can see he has two challenges. One that has min.rank 4k and one without any min.rank requirement mentioned. Trying to accept that directly rather than just from list doesn’t work either.

Bug? He has blocked me and I can’t accept with that? Why challenge is even visible on list despite “show all challenges” not selected?

Hello TimoNevalainen and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to tell you. There is probably some minor bug with the filter - I have already seen the problem reported at least once. However, it is kind of tough to reproduce especially since I don’t want to be accepting and canceling bunch of challenges. :confused: So I cannot offer much more than appologies. It will probably get fixed in time, but I’ve got nothing to tell you right away.

Just to confirm, you are able to accept challenges normally, just not this specific one, correct?

Correct. This has happened just 3 times so far. Don’t remember who it was first time but other two there’s common point that I had been won vs them both before which is why I started to wonder if that’s because they would have blocked me.

Maybe this could be verified by some mod… if it doesn’t break any privacy rule… :grin:
Or you could try and ask them directly.

Don’t know about the admins, but we lowly mods have no access to any individual’s private “blocked” list (honestly I don’t think I even have a list for myself, I think you have to click on their name and see whether it says blocked or not)

Well it’s not big deal and privacy reasons mean the admins shouldn’t tell me either. At most they could check and do something on the background for it(hide it from challenge lists would be logical). More of wondering possible reasons. Though I would expect those challenges show up on my list in that case either so either way the filtering which challenges I can accept would be slightly bugged.

To my knowledge It should not be because of a block that behaves differently. :slight_smile:

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Yeah thought that would be unusual as it would be rather weird way to handle it. Ah well. Just have to live with it. Good thing it happens fairly rarely so not missing too many games.

For anyone that wants to review their own blocked list, check out this thread and flovos link in it: List of blocked users

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