Why Cant I Find A Game?

I wait for ten or fifteen minutes and cant find a game. im only a 25 kyu because i just started. Is this normal for someone my rating?

What method have you been using to find a game?

For the purposes of this reply, I’m assuming that you have been using the ‘Quick Match Finder’. I recommend trying the ‘Create’ custom game option and make it as broadly acceptable as possible.

Page from https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/wiki/Finding-(starting)-a-game


Admitadely we are having a rather “slow” weekend. But 15 minutes seem really too long.

From what I see in your recent history you now seem to by trying for 19x19.

Starting ranks often go (and are often advised to go) for 9x9 matches, which may be contributing to your problem in finding games at equal ranks… But still I see some offers for such games right now. It is also a good idea to scan through custom offers every once in a while. Sometimes the same offers with only slight differences are ignoring each other :slight_smile:


If you’re using Auto Match, you also might share with us your settings, we can tell you if you have something odd in there.


You might also try to play some unranked games at off-peak hours. I’ve been between 24~20k and it can be hard to find folks with similar ratings open for a ranked game in the middle of the night (Pacific/US -0800 UTC) at 19x19.

Also try correspondence games. I have 7-8 I’m playing but only make a few moves everyday, which is nice while I’m waiting for a live game.

More than rank, there are some time systems I just don’t like or games with such fast time controls I don’t get to analyze my moves as well to develop the intuition that I think will carry me into lower-kyu ranks.

As beginner you may go present yourself in the chat, and ask if anyone would like to play a game with you. Many players are welcoming new players if they know you are here searching someone to play.

If you have very few experience, I recommend you play not too slow, not trying to understand everything but better play as many games as you still have fun with (and time).