Why did I lose my corner?

Hey everyone. New to the game. Been playing 9x9 to get a feel. I have about a 60% win rate currently and think I understand fundamentals fairly well, but I lost this game recently that I thought I would win. I’m assuming there is a simple answer that I’m overlooking, but any guidance would be appreciated.
I am white in this game. I formed two eyes in the corner, but the app gave my territory to black after we both passed. Why did my stones die?



The simple answer is it doesn’t make sense the app scoring. Whites alive in the bottom left with four points.

Is it playing against a computer in an app or?


Your understanding is correct. White’s lower left is alive, so your screenshot shows a misscore.


This is on the sente- online go app (beta) for Android. I was playing against a person, they captured 9 stone (not including whats on the screen), i captured 5, komi was 3.5.
I guess its buggy since its a beta, was just trying to make sure I wasnt confused about something.
Thank you so much!

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Thanks! I was hoping it was an error and not me missing something.


I don’t know how that app works, so: ​ Alternatively, it could be that
your opponent marked those as dead during the scoring phase.

(I imagine that could also happen here, though maybe OGS’s scoring system won’t
allow that for stones which are ​ ​ ​ Benson-alive even when suicide is allowed ​ .)


Definitely alive. You are responsible for marking your stones alive if there is an error like this! You can do that by tapping any of the white stones in that group to toggle ownership


Oh! I didnt know that. I’ll try that next time. TY


Not really, as this app exists since long ago and continously improving.
Anyway as said, your group is perfectly alive but wrongly marked when scoring.

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You could ask the creator of the app here: “Sente - Online GO” App for Android

But my guess is that the app worked fine and your opponent marked your group as dead, and you clicked the “agree” button.

After both players have passed, there is a phase of the game where the players have to agree which groups are alive and which groups are dead. If they agree, the game is scored. If they don’t agree, then you have to resume playing to finish killing the groups that you think are dead.

If your opponent marks your group as dead and you think that your group isn’t dead, then you should not click the “agree” button!

This disagreement could be due to a genuine go mistake, or to a missclick, or in the worse case to sneaky behaviour by your opponent.


Yep, exactly that. Users not understanding how the stone removal phase works happens way too often, but since Anoek does not want to change that to an automated system (because a perfect system could not be found) we’re stuck with this.

I’m not sure what I could do better on the app side to improve the experience of new users.

How about highlighting differences from autoscore and asking for extra confirmation before accepting a changed result?