Why did I lose this GoQuest-game?

I’m playing black – in GoQuest komi is set to 7, but I have 18 captures, white have 4 – that must leave me with 7 up on white, and as far as I can count I have (a lot!) more ground.

I assume GoQuest uses Chinese rules

  • In Chinese rules captures do not matter (in the sense that there are no extra points for captured stones)
  • In Chinese rules territory as well as ALL your alive stones count as points.

In that case:
Black has 43 points
White has 38 points + 7 komi
= 43 vs 45 = white by +2

But make no mistake, given sensible play Chinese and Japanese rules usually yeild the same result (victory wise). Let’s see:

  • In Japanese rules every prisoner counts for one point
  • In Japanese rules ONLY free territory is counted, NOT the stones surrounding it

Black has only 2 points of territory + 18 captures = 20 points
White has 11 points of territory + 4 captures + 7 komi = 22 points
White wins by 2 no matter which rulesets, neat :slight_smile:

My guess is you were probably filling your own territory as black too (given the shape of the group). That is usually a bad idea, as in Japanese rules it directly costs you points (-1 territory) and in Chinese unless all other points and dames (neutral points) are taken it is also wasting points (more precisely it gives you no points, while your opponent can still get some). Keep in mind that you are not required to actually capture dead stones in your territory.

sorry for the rant, hope I did not make things even more confusing. Feel free to ask follow up questions if I did :smiley:
also, if you are super interested in different rules: https://senseis.xmp.net/?RulesOfGo


Thank’s a lot! I sometime finds scoring quite difficult to understand, but your explanation was one of the better I’ve read! And yes, it’s Chinese rules in GoQuest.