Why did I start with -9 points?

Today I joined the monthly McMahon tournament. According to the tournament, the bars are set at 15k-5k, so since I am currently rated at 11k, I would suspect that I would have had -6 points at the start. However, I’ve started with -9, and am in a pool with players who are 13k-15k. Isn’t that a mistake?
I have improved my rank quite a bit in the last week, since I hadn’t really played much here yet, so I did suddenly jump from 16 to 11, but then there’s also other users, like miniond2, who is 10k and has been above 15k since the start of this year, but gets -10 at the tournament.
Maybe I misunderstand how McMahon bars work?

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Update: it did it right in the weekly McMahon, where I got -6. Now I’m really surprised…