Why did my opponent resign?!?!?

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I just want insight as to why my opponent surrendered this game? I was pretty sure they had secured the win and was wanting to see the end result according to how we played. I am a sloppy player and it made a lot of mistakes but I kept it from being a massacre on my part. Can anyone give me insight to what they were possibly thinking? Because I have no clue what they thought I could pull off, but I assure everyone that sees this: I am not there yet. Maybe 5 more months of study and I’ll have the skills to make less costly mistakes and beat 3kyus with regularity. Today, I am, in my opinion, a 5-6kyu player that is making better decisions during play.


People can resign for whatever reason they want I suppose. It is odd to resign when winning,

  • Maybe they had to leave or go do something unexpectedly and you wanted to finish the game so they ended it.
  • maybe they don’t count the board accurately and didn’t think they were ahead?
  • Maybe they don’t want their rank to go up.

Were they in byo-yomi when resigning?

You could ask them either at the end of the game or whenever.

It’s hard to know otherwise.

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I understand all that and no they had 20 more minutes to decide a move. They waited 5 and then ended the match. I’m not asking about extenuating factors. I’m only interested from the the parameters of the games. If there was a way I could have won or not. That is what I am wanting to know.

Well the ai says no, and the score estimator thinks whites up by like 50 points…

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No way for black to win in this situation. I would bet he had an unexpected emergency.

Summary: the person did not resign because they were losing.

This has now become a sandbagging investigation.