Why did Nova league die?

Nova league looks very fun. And similar chess project is running its 20th season already. Why Nova ended?

What is Nova League?


The people running it just didn’t have the time anymore I believe.

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The Nova League was an ogs league ran here for almost a year in 2015, it was like macmahon type of ladder, macmahon groups getting re-arranged monthy, organised via forum by xhu (and some others) and matches being scheduled between the players. Players gained points by winning their games, and reviewing other games played in the league, so it generated a lot of reviews ^^

Sadly after being very popular when it started, it quickly died out from the lack of participants and low amount of games being actually played. I think that largest problem was the overall lazyness of getting in touch with the players that were in your group, and scheduling a time that that suited you both. I remember this happening to me too after few months; i forgot to pm my oppoents for scheduling the game until 3 weeks had passed from the month, and then we didn’t manage to play our game in time :<

TNL had quite a lot of tweaks during its short run in order to make it work, like extending monthly cycles to 6 weeks, but even after everything it was buried when 2016 started :<


I’d never heard of Nova League, but it sounds like something similar to OSR? Or was it different from that?

Well…it’s difficult to get folks to commit to something online :cry: I moved on to other projects after that, but it was a nice learning experience at the very least.

OSR is doing very well though, I would highly recommend what they are doing now!