Why do I keep getting error messages during games?

Up to a dozen times per game, when I try to click on a move to place a stone, the screen lags and an error message appears. Sometimes, it’s “Error submitting move”. Other times it’s some message about my connection. I just sort of lived with it until now, when I lost a winning game by time because as I placed my stone a few seconds before my byo yomi period ended, I got the error and had to refresh the page. Of course, by the time I got back to the game the period was gone, and I had lost. I have been a site supporter for a long time, and I like all the features on OGS, but I simply cannot continue playing here like this.

Not everyone I’ve mentioned this to can empathize and say that it has happened to them, but I know it’s not just me because several streamers have reported this problem as well. It is not an isolated incident, and I’m sure it’s not my internet connection. It’s possible that some setting on our browsers are interfering or some other computer setting. I feel that the burden of fixing this should not be on the user.

Has anyone had any success in troubleshooting this error?

How do you know?


maybe it is.

I run much more intensive games like diablo IV on my computer without any disconnections or issues. However, when I come to OGS, I get disconnected left and right. That’s why I say I’m sure it’s not my connection, but you’re right, it could be. I really have no idea.

OGS flashes a red “no connection” symbol in the very top right when it thinks it’s having internet connecting problems.

It also prints warning information about the problem in the browser console.

Do you see the “no connection” symbol?

Any chance we can get a screenshot of the browser console messages?

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hi, yes the no connection symbol constantly flashes for a millisecond before disappearing, it’s hard to capture in a screenshot of that symbol. I was able to find the console messages. It is giving some gobansocket closed error code 1006 over and over again.

when I click on one of those links next to the error, it directs me to this line of code

The console messages are way better than the red image :slight_smile:

So OGS socket is having strife with your network connection :frowning:

Networks Status: disconnected means we are not hearing from the server.

The GobanSocket closure is a result.

One massive QoL improvement if possible would be that even if you received an error submitting move popup, if there was a way to immediately try to reconnect and submit the move without having to refresh the page, that would be amazing.

It can be quite frustrating to have

have to refresh the page and then it takes like 20 or so seconds by the time you can try to click again, and game over in shorter byo-yomi (10s for blitz) :slight_smile:


Just don’t play blitz with a bad connection


^^ I think the problem is that OGS may be particularly sensitive to what a “bad connection is”, and I think that we’d like folk to be able to play their choice of settings if at all possible.

Note that OGS turns are a “one off” event, compared to video games that stream stuff, and probably have all sorts of dropout handling we don’t :slight_smile:

I agree that “reload then replay” is a pain in this scenario, I think it’s a fair suggestion to have OGS let you retry more cleanly. (Note that OGS does have some retry going on under the hood).


I do have the subjective feeling that lichess feels better than OGS, but I’m not sure what the difference is. Is it just the more modern layout of lichess? Is it lichess letting you make the move instantly on your board even if it hasn’t been registered in the server yet? Is it the lag compensation? Is it the bigger clock which gives fractions of a second below 10 seconds which gives the impression of precise timing? I don’t know

That said, I’d still prefer OGS’s timer overall for one simple reason: audio countdown

Let’s be honest, you’re 183 moves into the game with zero issues, and one blip in connection throws the game. I don’t think the advice is “don’t play blitz with bad connection” it’s “only play blitz with absolutely perfect connection” - that’s what you’re saying is it?

I’m honestly answering.

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OGS actually has some lag compensation afaik.

Like way back here

there was some quite decent improvements that allowed you to play very fast games that weren’t really available beforehand.

Premoves are give and take, it’s not super easy to premove in Go (for me) but maybe people could get could at like premoving kos or the end game.

In any case what I’m getting at might be not displaying an error that covers the board and kind of makes it difficult to resubmit moves, but rather make the stone you just placed disappear again, so that you can try to replace it and have another quick attempt at resubmitting.

Sure the big error message lets you know there’s a problem, and it might be that in the short term you get some people say they did click and it didn’t submit and it wasn’t clear it didn’t submit. So maybe there’s some compromise in the middle - a smaller message (assuming people don’t see the internet icon) and an option to quickly resubmit the move :slight_smile:


In that case it must be the bigger clocks with fractions which make it more obvious that there’s lag compensation that makes lichess feel like it has it

Yeah, should probably be below or to the side of the board

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