Why do most people not even bother to tell which country they are from. X__X?

i just looked at the site wide ladder and a lot are unspecified any one know why?

Maybe it’s the equivalent of “it’s complicated” relationship status. There could be different countries you are born in, culturally identify as, have your family history in, have a passport from, and live in. If you name just one country, people will make all sort of assumptions that won’t really apply well to you.

Or, maybe people think it’s just not relevant enough that they’d want it to be the second thing on their profile right after their name.

For me, I’m French living in California and I’m not overly patriotic, so both reasons apply. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, but I don’t go around meeting new people “Hi everyone, I’m French!”


For people who play live games, the ability to specify a timezone in the user profile might be useful.