Why do my opponents resign when they have a chance of winning?

Hi everyone,

There have been a few times when my opponent resigned, but I felt that they were winning or had a chance of winning. Could someone help me understand the reasoning behind their resignation.



People have different motivations when playing a game, and winning is not necessarily the strongest.

In the first game, your opponent made a big blunder, maybe he considered he had lost against himself - not against you.

In the second game, your opponent crushed you, and probably considered it was not a game anymore. The question here is, why didn’t you resign first, after losing more than half of your stones?

Sometimes, people also resign simply when they realize they don’t have time to finish the game.


Thanks for answering.
I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

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Sandbagers do this type of stuff to manipulate the rank so they can keep winning. It’s a strange mindset but not uncommon.