Why do my sound settings reset every time I log out?

Specifically every time I log out and back in again, the volume setting is reset back to 50%, which is really annoying. Is this a general “feature” or is it possibly specific to the browser I’m using (latest Chrome on mac)?

Do you have cookies disabled or are you browsing in incognito mode? This setting is saved via cookie.

Also, make sure to hit the save icon (looks like a floppy disk next to the volume bar) to save the setting in said cookie.

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I don’t have cookies disabled and I am not in incognito mode, and I don’t see a save icon next to the volume bar under “Settings”! Also, searching “Settings” for “Save” yields zero results.

Your sound resets because you are a sinner and this is your punishment.

Also the icon you are searching for can be found in-game. just yank your mouse as right as you can. a window should float in and the first line is volume setting and to the right of this bar is a (to be honest quite elusive) save icon. That should solve the trick if your cookies are working. happy hunting

Try this one, it’s how it looks in-game. Worth a shot, at least.

Pinging @anoek to see if he has any clever ideas on what’s up with your volume.

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There are two ways to manage the sound level.

First one is from a game-board screen, the second one is from a settings screen (observe the red rectangles):

If you set a sound level in a settings screen, it is immediately saved in a cookie (so it is a device dependent setting; you will need to set it individually on every device).
If you set a sound level in a game-board screen, it is applied only to that game-board screen (and it is lost on reload). IF you want it to apply globally (in other words to be saved in the mentioned cookie), THEN you have to click on the save icon:

Any other behavior is undesired as far as I know.

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Hang on, gonna play with this and see if that cookie is removed along with the session cookie on logout.

In any case it makes more sense now if it’s cookie related… I’ll have to play with my chrome settings. Seems strange to me that the settings are not stored on-site with all my other data though.

It’s done because you may want different settings across devices. E.g. Phone? No sound. Desktop? Yes sound.

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Ok, so, after further research, it’s not technically in a cookie. It’s in this rather sizable (relatively speaking, mine’s 28kb) local storage JSON object called jStorage. If your browser does strange things with local storage, you’ll have an issue saving settings.

If you look at that, you’ll see it there:


Note that you’ll see that key twice, but one is just a CRC32 hash jStorage uses to determine if values have changed. If you don’t see the sound_volume key I recommend copying and pasting the whole string into a text editor and searching), then something isn’t saving properly. Click the save icon and look again.


Thanks for your help!