Why do people block when someone repeatedly accept their challenges?

I mean, if you make an open challenge, its up for grabs. Also, its not that much different who you play with while just doing it for fun.


This is an interesting question actually. I always tend to avoid accepting open requests from the same player…because I have anxiety and I think that they twill think I’m stalking them or something. But that is just me. But I’ve done it in the past and had no problems.

Edit: (addition)

So I took a look at about five or six of the games you played against people multiple times. I personally see no problem at all. You are polite which is nice to see.

I think the problem may come from people’s personal preference to not play a game against a person again.

Say if you and I played. And I utterly destroyed you. Chances are, that you would not want me to play you again to have to relive the same experience as it were. But the opposit is also true in some cases where if a person won a game against a person they may not want to play a game against that person again, preferring to paly someone new.

But… The issue i have with that is that, at some point, it is inevitable you are going to play the same person again. So really it should not matter.

However, if you don’t want to get blocked by people… You always have the option to not play the same person again almost immediately after the first time you played. But at the same time, you are in no way obligated to not accept a game because it’s the same person.

As long as you are not actually online stalking a person then just carry on what you’re doing.


I wasn’t able to take a closer look at the game themselves because I’m on my phone and there is a glitch that stops me from analysing the game, and I really didn’t want to open a review for multiple games. But I don’t see your play as a reason why people should want to block you unless you were deliberately playing in an annoying way to piss people off, which I could not see. And it didn’t look like you were doing that anyways.

I don’t see how this response of mine helps you really… But it is what it is. I hope you at least feel reassured.

I assume there could be multiple reasons why a person would engage in blocking the same person from joining their games over and over. But I think the most likely answer is that they desire a diversity of opponents. Whether for a variety people to talk to, a greater chance to encounter someone who is weak to their strengths, for a desire to witness different play styles, for the chance to try a theory they are working on and wish to execute over and over (witnessing different ways people respond), etc…

Like @Lord_o_o_Spoon, I feel a bit uneasy about accepting the same open challenge repeatedly. So I don’t, so that I can get more games in against the same player. I really enjoy playing against some people and some folks use time settings that are uncommon; i.e. I don’t see many blitz match players. So I worry about wearing out my welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your answers guys! nice to see that my first post actually got replies =D.

I am fairly low ranked (14k) and geographically located in Europe, so when I play there just simply arent many players. This is the reason I repeatedly play the same people. I most exclusively play blitz, and 9x9 or 13x13.

Oh well, I guess I just need to get better and be in a bigger pool with more players I guess.


I live in the UK. so I know the feels my dude. Your best bet is to get some correspondence games going that you can come back to every day. Join a few correspondence tour aments would be the best way. And indeed join the site wide latters. They will also help.

But also, playing against the computer is a good idea. And dare I even say this aloud here… In the OGS forums?.. Play on other servers as well.

If your just after games there is a million and one different ways to get a game and play.

Getting better at the game is a whole different game in and of itself. Go problems, YouTube vids, go problems again… Playing lots of games of go, reviewing games and so on it goes. Happy to help you though… I can do game reviews and play teaching games. I have a thread in the forum’s for players to ask me for help too. Nothing great in there, but an example to show you how willing I am to help out.

Also… Welcome to the forums.

Thank you! I will definitely pick up on the NPC playing =D

With this being an international community, your geographic location shouldn’t matter. I’m also a 13K/14K who primarily plays 9x9 Blitz matches, with some 13x13 thrown in to mix it up. I’m curious, are you creating your own matches? I create games all times of the day and night and I rarely have to wait that long before somebody hops right in.

Have you considered playing correspondence instead? I created a Tournament Group and began creating a lot of tournaments. Before I knew it I had over 20 games needing active moves from me. It became too much and I stopped joining so many tournaments. But the point is, Correspondence Games don’t necessarily mean that you have to wait a long time between moves. You just need to join enough of them :wink: