Why do reports expire?

I’ve seen in some of the posts here and I’ve also experienced it first-hand that reports made of users and games expire after a while.

I understand that it may take very long for the mods to check due to backlog and everyone is busy.
But why expire?

Is it a System limitation?


It’s a human limitation.

When moderators face a pile of thousands of reports, it’s super demoralising, which leads to a vicious cycle of less moderation, more outstanding reports…

We are in the process of introducing new approaches and tools to scale our ability to handle the volume of reports: scalable moderation is the ultimate answer to this problem.


For what i know about moderation is that it’s a big mountain of work and maybe growing more.
The go world has some requirements which may be more straight as in other games online. It’s not something that a team can’t handle but the fact is that some education is missing at times with newcomers at least. Why do i have to stay to the end? Why resigning? Why not trying to stall a bit or test the scoring?

So that’s quite a busy side on a goserver that can’t be avoided to preserve the QoL of the users and which may grow more and more as the server population grows.

So i understand the human limitation too. It surely would be better with no expiration but that is too much to ask at this time.


Every now and then I’m doing some OGS translation work on pootle, and that gave me some hints as to what’s in the making :wink:.


If it’s okay to just do during my free time I’m more than willing to help haha. Surely this can’t be more stressful than a game of Go :laughing: