Why do the settings change spontaneously?


I keep having to change the settings and they keep reverting back to other settings.
It seems a bit pointless to have these settings on OGS if you can’t rely on them and they keep spontaneously changing.
Specifically, I mean the settings regarding the preference for the confirm mode when playing live games. I usually play on my tablet and then I need the confirm button to avoid misclicks, but somehow this setting keeps switching back to one-click mode for live games. I also access OGS on the desktop computer, but mostly just to chat, view discussions or download sgf files from games I’ve played.

greetings and thanks in advance for any feedback on this issue, Niek

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Maybe it’s because you clear your cookies? My guess as my settings don’t change.

I’m using the Opera Touch app (webbrowser) on the ipad.
Supposedly it accepts 1st-party cookies (I’m assuming settings get stored in those) and I’m not manually removing them.

Hello Niek, and sorry about the issue.

Unfortunatelly Groin is correct, and currently all our settings are stored in a cookie (coming directly from us), to be able to set up specific settings for specific devices. There is a plan to also allow to store the settings globally on our server, but this is probably still months away (or maybe even more) from happening.

As there have not been other complaints recently (that I am aware of), it seems most probable that someone or something is deleting your cookies. If you were by accident in private browsing cookies would not get stored. On desktop browsers there is also usually an option to clear website data on exit (not sure about touch though) that might be causing this or some extension. If there is an otpion to whitelist a trusted source, that might also help. Other than that, I am out of ideas…


Maybe the settings from the desktop sometimes interfere with the settings
on the ipad. Like when I’m on OGS at the desktop and then I go to OGS on the
tablet as well, though I leave the OGS site as I start the game.
I’m pretty sure I’m not in private browsing mode, but sometimes it does seem
to keep my settings in OGS, so it might just be that the issue happens if I neglect to navigate away from the OGS page on the desktop before entering the OGS site on the mobile device and somehow there are conflicting configurations between the desktop and the tablet.
It would be great if the settings could somehow be stored in the userprofile on OGS in the future, so they stay fixed when accessing OGS from multiple computers/devices.

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The settings are stored on each device, so you have separate settings for each device - they can’t really interefere with each other, but it might confuse you if you didn’t realise that setting something on one device doesn’t change it for other devices…


Actually I found useful that each device has its own settings, since my usage of the site changes a lot from mobile to PC.

As an example, I want confirmation for every move on smartphone, while I don’t want it on PC.

But it can be confusing if one expects to have settings on server, the same for all devices.
OGS works in the other way.

I even use two different browsers on my smartphone just because I can have different settings: the one I use to play (Samsung browser) hides player’s ranks, but I use another one (Chrome) with ranks displayed when I want to navigate ladders or tournaments.

So, please, double check that.


Sure, that’s useful and it’s always nice to have an option in the settings whether you like the settings to be saved in your profile or if you prefer browser-based settings so they can differ for various devices or even various browser apps. The profile-based settings might be useful as a kind of alternative, in case the cookies-based settings malfunction and you’d like to avoid the hassle of changing your settings each time you play a game.

Anyway, the point of the thread was really to figure out why the settings somehow don’t seem to stay fixed for my tablet where I usually play, but it appears they sometimes stay the same and sometimes they do change, so I think I’ll have to experiment more to see if I can figure out what specific conditions result in the settings getting lost.


Maybe it was just a temporary glitch, because it seems to work ok now with the settings remaining fixed on the mobile device.

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