Why doesn't OGS stream big international matches like other platforms?

Seems like tygem, fox etc all stream major international tournament. Seems to be an Asian server thing, but why doesn’t ogs stream them? No source or no one doing it or not allowed?

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We do… We stream or host most of the American and European tournaments. And have many relays of asian ones. But for obvious reasons asian tournaments make official broadcast deals with asian servers


really? there are relays of LG Cup final?

You need people to do it, money to pay them. Additionally permissions/copyright is also a question one needs to figure out. It’s just too difficult for volunteer-based OGS. Foxies can afford it.

Private people can use OGS to review and relay games, if they want.


I asked exactly those things. but @BHydden just said “we do” but seems like they don’t currently stream.

I didn’t just say “we do”

I clarified that statement immediately after with

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I don’t believe the moves of a game of Go are subject to copyright.

It’s been legally established, in the USA at least, that the moves of a game of chess are in the public domain. This was made clear by the failed case brought by Agon, organisers of the 2016 World Chess Championship, against the website Chess24. That case also established the right to relay moves live.

Sure, Go is a different game, but clearly the precedent permits it.

Of course, you have to have the moves to relay the game. The organiser isn’t obliged to send them. In the case of Chess24, I imagine they had an employee purchase access to Agon’s paywalled stream and copy the moves from there.

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Demand. There is occasionally a banner for a big international event with someone (PetGo I think) relaying the moves.

They get a decent amount of kibitzers but usually these matches are at incovenient timezones and there are other platforms (Twitch/Youtube) that host game discussion.

I don’t think there is anything legally stopping OGS from relaying title matches but it would take time and effort that has been better spent elsewhere.