Why has my account reverted to provisional status?


I’m new to OGS but have now played several games. The provisional status was removed from my account after playing my first 5 games. However, when I logged in this morning I noticed that a moderator had changed my rank to 18k :smiley: (guess I’m stronger than I thought), but my account has also reverted to being provisional :frowning: .

Can someone please explain why this has happened?

I was planning on joining the 19x19 ladder but I can’t do that whilst my account is provisional.


Your rank was adjusted by a moderator. You were playing at a rank that was too low for your skill level. When we change ranks, we add provisional games to make sure you get into the correct place before you start affecting the ranks of those around you.

Hi crodgers,

Thanks for the answer :smiley:

I picked 25k because I had never played before, I’d done some problems and read a couple of books but never actually got around to playing a game.

I guess I’ll just play a few more games before joining the ladder.

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Good for you, FreeCheese … it appears that you are a fast learner

I still wonder how hard it would be to notify players about their rank being changed by a moderator. Looking at those “what just happenned?” threads I doubt you save yourself work by being silent :wink:

@saxmaam, not terribly fast I’ve read those books a couple of times over the last few years, they’ve had time to sink in :wink:.

@temifar, a notification is definitely a sensible idea. It could be sent automatically when someone’s rank is changed, shouldn’t take long to code.