Why has my rating not gone up yet?

I have been stuck in 5k rating for a while despite various wins against 3k-4k, and my individual ratings breakdown is around 4.5 +/- 0.9.

When does OGS recalculate the overall rank?

I went to your profile and selected your most recent ~20 or so games by dragging along the right hand end of the lower of of the two rating graphs.

Looking at those in more detail on the upper graph, it appears you are losing and winning in about the same measure.

This is confirmed by the pie graph on the right when those games are selected.

That means your are indeed correctly rated already, and you would not expect your rank to change until you win more than you lose.

The pie graph also shows that you are playing a pretty good mix of stronger and weaker opponents (see how the line between bright and dark colours is almost 50/50 dividing the circle).

If you really want to bump your rank quickly, you could play some more weaker players, because you have erred slightly on the side of playing more stronger players (and thus losing more than you need to).

Of course the other way to improve your rank is git gud :wink:


What, I actually have to practice and study to get my rank up??? No way!



Each time you finish a game

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