Why I got timeout without seeing the game?

Hi support,

I did see the notification when about one hour something left, but I do not see it in the my-turn games and eventually I lost with timeout. Can you look into this game and see what’s happened? It’s a 1-move-per-3-days turn-based game.

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I experienced the same today!

I called the moderator, but until now nobody reacted…

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In my ‘9x9 Christmas Special’ tournament one of the participants @aquasnegras reported the same thing occurring in this game of round 3:

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The same opponent as in my game!


Hello guys, just to let you know that we are not ignoring you, but unfortunately there is not much we (as in ordinary moderators) can do to help.

The problem you describe is known to happen rarely because of some local cache corruption and doing a full refresh (ctrl+f5) usually solves it.

It is however weird it would happen in these numbers and within one tournament as well.

But we will have to wait if @anoek the dev finds the time in his schedule to take a look. It might be just a random fluke though…