Why im lost im confused [13k vs 12k 19x19 review]

hello people :slightly_frowning_face:
im confused , i think play good but slow ending and lost, any can do rewied and told me why i lost, i think had win is game. https://online-go.com/game/17150457
Weiqi Pro.

I reviewed your game using Lela 11. At move 170 she identified H1 to be a critical move for white to win the game. I entered some of the variations she saw. I wish I was skilled enough to give you more insight as to why H1 was so important, but there you go.

I agree that H1 is bigger, the reason being that it’s a 2 point difference in sente for white, so you can then continue playing elsewhere even after this move.

I didn’t review too much into the game, I think you started getting behind as early as move 5 into the game, where you forced your opponent to solidify the corner while you got a weak floating group.

You lack a bit of consistency in your strategy, for example during the top left sequence you were building a wall but then let your opponent into that area so all effort was lost instantly. Consistency is important because otherwise your stones are not working together effectively, so if you play in the 4th line (as you did a lot in this game) this means you want to go for influence, like building walls. Your early 3-3 invasion goes exactly the opposite for example, so you should’ve avoided that until a later point in the game, if at all.

I think you can learn a lot from your opponent in this game, black played very solidly and left no weak groups for you to attack (except when he invaded in the middle, but even then there was more than enough space to live and escaping routes). There’s no need to play jumping all over the board leaving your position unattended, as this will be taken advantage of later in the game and your opponent will catch up with you easily.

This graph is Leela 11’s estimate of White’s playing. You can see where there were several times that White could have played a move that would have put them over the 50% chance to win mark, but the wrong move was played.

The above graph is courtesy of Go Review Partner

wow very thanks all !!!