Why is Ray always losing to Leela?

I’m playing on 4790k with a gtx 1050ti mini using Gtp versions of latest leela and ray on sabaki board and leela wins everything though I set same time limits . What is going wrong?

I’ve tested short games, long games, on my home computer, on Google’s cloud with 8x K80’s and 24 CPUs… Turned off pondering for Leela. Made sure I used the GPU version of Rayon and latest Rn4.2.5… each time Leela GPU GTP beats Ray hands down…


I gave Ray a THREE stone handicap and Leela still WON bigly!


Simple answer is “Leela is stronger than Ray”.
“Rayn” with DCNN is a different bot.

I am using the Rayn with DCNN, I even threw 8 graphics card at it.

Sounds like it’s a Windows compiling issue, but Leela 10 is very strong, so I’m not sure.

@TheBeginer Oh My Gosh Ray sucks?!