Why is the interfaces changed. Everything looks ugly and confusing

This site actually looked good until a couple of weeks ago. Now it has become confusing and annoying it it looks ugly.

I think I will stop playing GO until I find a better site than this. I might even resign the to games I play even if I am better. The sites Interface is just too annoying.

Why did you do this ?

Oh, you’re sure to like it after you spend just a little time getting to know it. :wink:

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What a detailed and informative complain! It sure goes to help the devs immensely in improving the UI.

OK, let us know how it went.

As a newcomer, I can understand if he’s a little perplexed.

Well, it’s obvious there is something the OP liked about the pre-update UI and there is something he does not like about the new one. But what those somethings are is anybody’s guess. I never liked v4 all that much, no I’ve noticed any drastic changes between and v4 and v5 (aside from bugs, but those are getting fixed). So I’m a little perplexed as well.

I never saw V4. Would you describe the things about it you never liked?

For anyone interested in what’s out there, Sensei’s Library has some information. http://senseis.xmp.net/?GoServers or http://senseis.xmp.net/?TurnBasedGoServers

I am unaware of whether any other servers provide the hybrid mode of playing realtime and turn-based (referred to as correspondence here I believe) that OGS does.

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It was slower that it needed to be, it had annoying long-standing bugs, and after using it for a couple of years I still had troubles finding some or the functionality.
By no means it was bad, for most part v4 was ok and some of it was great. But when people describe it as some kind of perfection totally ruined by the update… I don’t really get what they are talking about.

Unless you speak Korean/Chinese/Japanese, the list is pretty short. DGS for correspondence; KGS and IGS for live. With some effort it’s also possible to play on Tygem and WBaduk.

FICGS kind of does this, but I’m not sure it qualifies as a go server. Even if it does, I wouldn’t recommend it over OGS.