Why is the list of ongoing games incomplete?

Currently a pro game is going on between Artem and Calvin as part of the Transatlantic League. You can see it there: TPGL

However it’s not displayed in the list of ongoing games, which currently looks like this (filtering for only 19x19) :

This means that you have no way of figuring this game is going on and, if you know, no way of finding it if you don’t know the username of those players. Is there something I’m missing?


For some reason it appears when I check the 9x9 box, but no idea.

I had the following disabled in my filtering:

  • 13x13
  • 9x9
  • Other
  • Bot Games

After some testing, it seems I need to check every one of those for the pro game to appear. If a single one is not checked, the game is missing.


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