Why is the score estimator jumping around?

Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it does weird things, even though nothing on the board changed.

The score estimator has to guess about certain outcomes. It guesses randomly. That means that sometimes it will guess one way sometimes another.

The ranges of outcomes you get is one indication of how rough it’s estimate currently is.

If you are expecting an “exact estimate” it indicates that you don’t understand the word “estimate”. :wink:


Also, the score estimator is notoriously stupid in certain cases. Use at your own risk. :slight_smile:


One might argue that Kata provides something like an “exact estimate”… it knows everything except the god awful moves I intend to play :sweat_smile:


I do wonder what the algorithm is that makes this so non-deterministic. Bad estimator is understandable. Wacky estimator on the other hand…

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