Why is there no column I on the demo board

Hi, I was playing with a program I wrote and realized that there is no column I on the demo board. Is there a particular reason why that is the case?

I thought my program had a bug because when I played on location rr the demo board displayed that move on ss. XD


The author intentionally broke with the tradition of labeling moves (and points) with letters “A”-“T” (excluding “i”) and numbers 1-19. Two lower-case letters in the range “a”-“s” were used instead, for reasons of simplicity and compactness.

(Wikipedia Article on SGF)

Also a forums discussion: OGS 19x19 boards marked A-T? Why is " i " missing? - it’s funny, the poster of that topic was also programming a Go application!


Oh thanks for the reference! I forgot to check the forum first to see if any posted something similar before and didn’t know it actually has formal documentation. :sweat_smile:

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There’s no airline seat ‘I’ either, FWIW.