Why is this move legal?

Dear Go players!
Could you please tell me why is this move legal? Isn’t it a suicidal move? I’m a complete novice)


Thanks a lot!

It’s not a suicidal move - it captures opposing groups, which gives it the liberties it needs.

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That move is legal because it is the last liberty of the two black groups. You need at least two eyes in a group in order to make that group alive. A4 in that example, is referred to as a false eye. So the black group had zero eyes, and the reason why white could kill everything.

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Thank you! Go is amazing!

Here’s also some resources that may help you.
For an overall resource for life and death https://senseis.xmp.net/?LifeAndDeath
two eyes: https://senseis.xmp.net/?TwoEyes
false eyes: https://senseis.xmp.net/?FalseEye


This series is great: https://online-go.com/puzzle/2312

This page describes your situation: https://online-go.com/puzzle/2318

The pages leading up to it give you the basics you need to understand that.