Why Kata and Kata are so different?

I tried to play couple dozen of games between katago-micro and JBXKata on KGS, katago-micro won almost every single one of them (by 60+ points up to 200+points) except lost one game by 6 points, if they are both Kata, why there is such a huge difference?

One is micro. ​ :slight_smile:

KataGo playing with very small numbers of playouts!

So, barely reading out anything, can and will blunder things (rarely), but
hopefully fun with pro/superhuman shape instincts and direction of play.

KataGo is not a single entity, there are different networks of different strengths, and changing how much time / computer power it has to think each move makes a huge difference too. The same human playing on pure instinct in 0.1 seconds is different strength to playing with time to read 1000s of variations per move. And changing network is like changing the brain in the human.