Why ladders don't respect weekends?

I’ve just lost two ladder games by timeout over weekend again.
Thus my question: Why, oh why don’t ladder game timers stop over weekend as are tournament ones?


My guess is because the’d take a lot of time to finish?

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I got a Counter question here:

Why do Tournament Games pause on Weekends?
I have much more time to play on Weekends.


You do, some people don’t. Chech here for opinions of others on the matter: Weekend pause, Slow tournaments & Vacation

Also I believe the weekend pause is optional when creating a tournament, so if you really want, you should be able to find tournaments without the weekend pause.

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Well, some people, me included, try to stay away from a computer on weekends. Being a programmer, I spend more than enough time before the screen on workdays.

Perhaps, but tournaments do pause for weekends. So usually you have host of games (tournament ones) that will pause on weekend, and a few in between that will timeout. It’s a little confusing.

I think you missed @Adam3141 's reply. Some tournaments pause, others don’t.

mmm… are you saying that you spend your work hours on OGS :wink:


Then I have yet to encounter a tournametn that doesn’t stop. So far, all tournaments I’ve played in (not that many, I admit) stopped over weekends.

Heh, would be nice :wink:

FWIW, I’m in my first ever tournament, and it doesn’t stop over the weekend (which is good for me)

I would love it if ladder games paused at the weekend. :+1:

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