Why limit the number of tournaments?

I organize the tournaments of the Brazil group and I can’t create more than three simultaneous tournaments.
Now, for example, I’ve created two correspondence tournaments, one for SDK+ and one for DDK.
I wanted to create two lives for tonight, for SDK+ and DDK. I created the first one and while trying to create the second I received a “Tournament limit” error message.
Why prohibit the creation of tournaments for players/groups who want to play here?


I guess that maybe it could be so individual people don’t post too many tournaments. If others post them, then some might think that more people want them.

If I remember correctly, the limit is 3 new tournaments per person per day.

Because there are users who like to create many tournaments at once, just because they are in a mood to do so. This just floods the tournament lists with many tournaments nobody is interested in.

Exactly so

That being said, I’ve increased your limit to 10 unstarted tournaments @efraimqe, enjoy!


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