Why no Jigo button? (Offer Draw)

I would like a “Jigo” button.

Sorry about the ambiguity, I was coming from thinking of Unranked games, where the distinction would not have mattered; but you are right.

Also, thanks @_KoBa for support ^^


In which case I disagree even more!

If it’s unranked and you lost interest then just resign.

I think this is a very different issue. The problem currently is that ties are displayed incorrectly even though they are handled correctly by the system (as I understand it). This is just a cosmetic issue. However an “offer draw” button/function is not at all cosmetic and would cause more problems than it solves as @gennan has pointed out.


I think draws are a natural and obvious continuation of the rules of Go and only the recent addition of komi has corrupted that. I’m sure I can’t convince everyone to play with integer komi, but I think to at least have an “offer draw” button seems like a reasonable option to make available.


I agree, and I like integer Komi so as to retain the possibility of a draw.

I just don’t see how this follows. Having the option of integer Komi and the possibility that there is a draw doesn’t mean that you need to be able to offer a draw as a result. To me you would first need to have the function of offering your opponents the opportunity to resign…

I think if you want to achieve a draw you must:
Choose integer Komi (if you’ve chosen x.5 Komi then you’ve already accepted that there’ll not be a draw)

meme idea

[Edit: Someone cleverer than me can change this meme to say “you accepted my Komi/but now you offer a draw”]

Play so as to achieve jigo (if you’re losing and got bored, just resign. If you’re winning and got bored then play some slack moves so as to get back to jigo again (and be prepared to explain yourself for sandbagging))

It seems to me that what is really asked for might be something that annuls the game but records it visually as a draw.

I think I could probably support a function of “offer to abandon game”. Where the result is recorded as such and the effect is the same as annulment. I suspect this might actually be close to what is sought.


Jigo will naturally happen from time to time in very close games; no need to try and engineer it.

Indeed but OP would like to engineer a draw as opposed to letting it happen naturally.

(But really I was thinking about this:)

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Uhh, no?

Sending a draw offer (my proposal) =/= engineering a draw (which is, to use your words, “playing so as to achieve jigo” - basically using your read-ahead skills to play like a pro and whatever the opponent does, outplay them in such a way that at the end your score will be exactly the same, in a game where there is an integer komi ofc)

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What i meant that ‘fixing the system’ is that currently ties are incorretly marked as “Black wins by 0 points”
Its not just about visual bug, but its also counted as b’s win in tournaments.

As others said, jigo is valid result when both players have the same amount of points at the end of the game, and there is no .5 in komi to breke the tie.

The incorrect “b by 0” does happen regardless if you’re using rules which have integral komi (NZ, Ing SST) where game could actually be ranked and part of a tournament, or if using any other rule with custom komi (which makes the game unraked so its not that big of a problem)

draw? NZ rules and ranked
💖 KoBa 💖 vs. ladyboywithachainsaw Jap rules with custom komi of 0

So i dont wish there to be buttom for requesting a jigo, its kinda like having a button where you could request “black win by 4.5 points” at any part of the game. I just hope and wish that someday we could have system which implements draws properly and not as wins or annulments


Apologies. My interpretation was that offering a draw would likely occur when one would otherwise not arise. Maybe not “engineering” exactly but not allowing jigo to arise naturally either.

Further apologies, I didn’t realise/had forgotten about this. This should indeed be fixed (as should the cosmetic issue in non-tournament cases).
However, then it seems that tourneys would certainly need to not have the feature of being able to offer a draw!


What I know is that most of time a go game is won at the end. Pro teach you to evaluate balances of territories and influence, guiding your choices if you are ahead or behind. It’s part of the go know-how to keep a win or reverse it; even between pros, there are twists in the lead. It’s better to like this side of the game or it could become very frustrating.

Back to this button, I can’t really know when the margin is 0.5 so should it pop up when the computer itself calculate the result? Then I don’t see the point, just install a draw system for rating, result, tournament…
If it is my duty to calculate I prefer just go to the end and get the score. I’m not interested in some bargain either on the result.

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I talked about certain players, not all players.

If you have never encountered the behavior I am talking about (which may very well be), I am happy for you. Or maybe I did not express myself clearly enough.

If I may add, that part was only to include some additional musings on some pet peeves of mine, though, I did not want to siderail the discussion.

You have me lost completely here, esp the part on bargain on the result. Are you talking about conditionally showing the button? If so, that was not my thought at all. If the draw button is implemented, I would always give the option to the user, a little bit like you can clik on Pass or Resign even at move 2 even if it hardly makes any sense at all.

If that is a concern, what about having it only clickable once? A little bit like the Resign button: click → “Are you sure?” → Yes/No. If Yes is selected, then you won’t be able to click on it again for that game.

I didn’t lose you at all. I need to know myself that the score is (near) a draw to ask for a draw…
So it’s more about managing draws in all aspects not just a button.

It’s possible but that need a consensus from enough players because it needs to rethink and implement a lot (and in backend).

Now what is the meaning of asking a draw in a middle of a game? I’m sorry I don’t get it. If you can’t finish, ask for a pause or resign. Who will use that button besides some trying to escape a loss?

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I am talking of all players in some way. It’s normal to try to reverse a lead. And not boring to be careful that this doesn’t happen. Sometimes it’s a bit extreme yes, and a resign would be more expected.

Right - but only by actually scoring the same amount, not by mutual agreement that the game is no longer interesting…

A JIGO button seems be out of the question for ranked games - otherwise why not also give the button a popup where you mutually agree what the score is…

A “mutual agreement to annull the game” button might have some legs…


What kind of rule set are you using? I do not remember one, that has the option to “offer a jigo”.

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The possibility of Jigo is listed as Rule 10 on this Wikipedia page with the Rules of Go.

Rule 10. If one player has a higher score than the other, then that player wins. Otherwise, the game is drawn.

I am not a rule set expert, but when playing in person, it can happen among friends who do not wish to protract a game unnecessarily, or do not wish to claim victory at all cost, to offer a draw and call it a tie.

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I think calling it a draw/tie is just in name though. I don’t think it’d be any different to calling it “no result” or “annulled”, and these might make more sense for a server than calling it a draw/tie.

This is probably not a bad idea, I imagine people could sign up to games (eg correspondence) and then realise they don’t have the time/commitment for it. If nobody was necessarily ahead in the game, maybe the other player would be unhappy to accept a win and I could see a vote to annul being reasonable and fair as an outcome, even for ranked games (eg ladder, simultaneous sitewide tournament etc).

And something like this, or a limit on the number of offers one can do until a mod just has to do it :slight_smile:


I think there’s been some difficulty with terminology in this thread. Here is how I understand it:

A jigo is specifically a draw by equal points following scoring, due to integer or absent komi.

A draw by agreement is proposed and accepted some time before scoring and regarded as the result.

An anulment, or verdict of no result formally closes the game but without announcing a result, eg. due to triple ko, chosei etc.

I see a cancellation as happening before the game truly “begins”, whereafter it would be an anulment.

An abandonment or escape does not formally close the game. This strategy was mainly employed in Classical Go for the probable loser to avoid recognition of his loss, thus saving face. On an online server, an abandonment usually decays into either a timeout, an anulment, or a moderator-decided loss for the escaping player.

I consider a draw or tie, as a technical term, to include both jigo and agreed draws. Of course, following more discussion a draw might come to stand for the draw by agreement and a tie as the more generic term, including jigo.


… yes, and notably a jigo/draw/tie affects rank, wheras an annulment (including the special case annulment called cancellation) does not.