Why the default game speed is Correspondence?

My question is the same with the topic: I don’t know why the default game setting is Corresspondence.

Everytime I want to tell my student to play on OGS, I need to tell them to switch the game speed to Live and adjust to an understandable time setting, like Byo-Yomi 30min + 3x30sec (This is the default in KGS as I remember)

If a newbie start a game without checking setting, they always end-up in some annoying Corr matchs.



If you do something without checking, you can’t really complain about the result.

However you can save your settings.


Presumably because OGS started life as a correspondence server.

Whether that default is best now in its evolution is open to debate.


First response, I’m inclined to agree with the OP. It’s not uncommon to see new users getting into correspondence games that are then cancelled because they just have no idea what they are doing.


Gotta say though… If a beginner is going to accidentally create and then cancel a game… Corr is much less inconvenient than live

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That’s true but I suspect most of them would not have been cancelled if live. No proof ofc. :person_shrugging:


Hi, sorry for my late reply

I see that you’re agree with me on this issue. Since you’re in the OGS team, can we ask to change the time setting for real? This should be a lot of ease for life here.


Kosh and I are two of the many members of the OGS moderator team, but that’s not the same as development. People can propose changes here and on GitHub but in terms of those changes being decided on and implemented the only one who can do that is anoek


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