Why was I winning here?

In this game https://online-go.com/game/20018059 I was thinking white surrounded all my groups and was easily winning, but I was really surprised by the AI evaluation after I resigned.

Can some human please explain me why the AI thinks I’m winning?

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At your level, I can understand why you resigned. I think the main reason the AI likes black is because white’s stick of stones at K10 is a huge liability. I think black could probably trash the entire top left quadrant while white struggles to save those stones, and after that finish with more territory since white only really has territory at the bottom…

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I don’t like much black’s position, but the top left is widely open and the white group in the middle is very weak.
Attacking that group could bring to surround and capture some white stone near the border (top or left) thus gaining territory for black

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Thanks guys. I didn’t pick up on the white stick weakness.


There’s a nice saying that if your fist fits in an empty area, then you can live there. There’s definitely enough space for that on the top left on this board.

Other than that, as @lysnew mentioned, I would say black has the middle white group surrounded, rather than the other way around.

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just three spots that caught my eye at a glance. it seems that black is in a tight spot, but all groups are safe and have some territory. black has sente and a good position to use it.

90%? well… honestly… idk :stuck_out_tongue:… but there are things to be done. you also shouldnt overestimate what white has, especially after the reduction in var1, black might even have more.