Why was my topic and my post were being removed

i would want to clarify this
earlier on i have join this forum just yesterday night
i went through the discobot tutorial and i would not want to go through it again to get that badge
i have even read the community guidelines which i get myself a basic user badge
but now when i came back my post and my topic were being removed?




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yes i read it already
no need to show it to me

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Sorry, since the sole content was linking to another forum without any context, I deleted it thinking you were just a bot that spammed other forums to get attention. You seem pretty human though based on this thread so this won’t happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience, and welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to you, i just notice your topic. You know It’s a forum and can take some delay

If you have any question or something you want to share be my guest

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