Why you can ladder challenge a player who is on vacation?

I am on vacation and still people challenge me in ladder. What’s the whole point of vacation then?


You don’t have to play any moves until after you finish your vacation, because the game is paused.
So it doesn’t really matter, does it?


Yes, you are right. But still it matters, because I think it’s frustrating and disrespectful towards my opponent. They wouldn’t know I am on vacation unless they visit my profile eventually. It’s also putting some pressure on me, as I have a game pending to make a move. It would be a bit better if the vacation status was visible when attempting to challenge the person in the ladder.


You can see it as a reservation. And when someone is going to play correspondence game for a few weeks, you can consider a little check on the profile to be part of it.
There is nothing disrespectful on using the rule (In a proper way), enjoy your holiday!

And last: game can be cancelled without consequences ( someone correct me if I am wrong)


I don’t think you can cancel a ladder game without consequence, can you?

I admit I haven’t tried it, but I thought this would behave as a loss for the ladder purpose?

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I was thinking when you challenge; it’s not your choice then of course to accept it or not. But I am not sure

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I just tried doing that on the beta site beta.online-go.com and I canceled a game in ladder and the ladder was updated (like u lost a ladder game when someone challenged u.


Actually you can if you’re the one who made the challenge: you challenge someone who’s above you, then (let’s say you notice he’s on vacation and you want to cancel or for whatever other reason) you can annul the game.
For the ladder it’s like a loss, but you’re below, so when you lose nothing happens.
Can we call that “without consequences”? I think so.


That was what I thought. Even more you don’t lose any rating


Yeah you definitely don’t lose rating if you cancel, and as Lys observed, you only suffer the ladder consequence if you were the challenged person.

This makes sense because otherwise a person at the top could just cancel all challenges…