Wiki translation(s)?

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to OGS, as I am to this forum engine (Discourse, is it?) and to github (where I’m registered as gourgouilloult). So if I do anything silly or wrong, sorry in advance and don’t hesitate to gently nudge be in the right direction ^^

I’m reading the wiki on github fairly regularly to discover new stuff about OGS, but I’m also dragging some IRL friends to play go online with me. Since some of those friends can’t read english, I was wondering whether the wiki was available in other languages (and I’d have missed that) or whether there was a possibility to help translating the wiki.

I’d gladly participate in english->french translation, but I can’t initiate any of that stuff, since I’m a newcomer to all the infrastructure as listed above. Is there a consensus on whether it could/should be done? Any thoughts?

(I haven’t tried creating a pootle account, as I suppose it’s specifically used for the website’s content translation.)


First of all, welcome to OGS!

I think this post has been missed by those who can answer it, so let’s ping @anoek :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I’m pretty sure the answer is no, I’m pretty sure the GitHub wiki system doesn’t support multiple languages, which is lame. The grand vision someday is to have an integrated help system that would ultimately replace the wiki, but that’s been a bit of a dream for awhile now. Although we’ll see, it’s becoming more urgent I think.