Will games during the Cloudflare outage be annulled

I’m sure many games had their play interrupted during the Cloudflare outage, causing OGS to only return 500s. I was winning my game (at least, according to the AI graph), but took an L because I timed out. Is there a universe where the devs can tamper with the DB to at least annul all these games? Thanks!


Someone may come in later with a different official position, but my suggestion is that if you feel you have been affected in this way, report the game and let the moderators take care of it.

(Folk who incorrectly won would also be welcome to report this … as they often do in similar situations).

My guess is that unless there’s an absolute flood of such reports, it would not be worth the dev-effort to attempt an automatic solution… especially given the risk of wrongly annulling correct wins etc…


Yep, all games that timed out during the outage window have now been annulled. It looks like there were blips of people being able to play during the outage at times, I still annulled those timeouts on the presumption that things were coming and going for a lot of people.

Only timed out games were affected. If I missed any, or incorrectly got any, let me or another mod know and we’ll get it sorted out.