Will kicking a player from a group penalize them in any way?

I have recently used an OGS group to manage one of our official online tournaments at the Argentine Go Association. That way, all the games SGFs stay neatly organized into one page, with the tournament rounds clearly shown. This is the group for our finished tournament if you want to see what I mean: Torneo Nakade

I see that the group page allows to create multiple different game record pages, so using one per tournament would be natural, and the group can function as a group for all the tournaments of that same type (in this particular example, it is our beginners tournament, which we define up to 16k). The group is private to join (I just invited the actual players of the tournament), but open for anyone to see, particularly anyone can watch the game record and that is nice.

So for this use case, say if I now want to use that same group to organize the next edition of the tournament, adding another game record page to the list, I would first like to remove from the group all the players, and then invite the players of the next edition of the tournament. I see that I can use the “kick” option for that, but since in my mind “kick” carries a negative connotation and is most often used to deal with misbehaving users, I am worried that just kicking everybody could punish them somehow (maybe OGS keeps an internal counter of how many times a player has been kicked or anything?). If the “kick” operation were completely harmless, apart from just removing the user from the group in exactly the same way that the user might themselves quit the group, then I think that it fits my use case.

Does anybody know whether this is the case or not?


As far as I’m aware, we’re not counting group kicks or using that as any sort of signal for moderation. Kicks could be done for benign reasons, or may even be due to misbehavior by a group admin rather than the kicked member. I think your use case sounds fine from an administrative and organizational perspective.

In other cases where a group admin is actually removing a person from a group due to misbehavior, and there is a need for the moderators to be aware of it, then the incident should also be reported.